1.  What is Suppanel ?

2.  Menus and Panel list



3.  User and Expert Modes

4.  Create, Rename, Copy Panel

5.  Share Panel & Backup 

6.  Settings

7.  Design/Run Mode

8.  Big Screen



 10.  Add New Control

10.1 Static

10.2 Linked to Variable

10.3 Buttons

10.4 States with Alarm

10.5 Trend

10.6 Connection

11. Control Selection

12. Control Move and Sizing

13. Control Properties

14. Background execution

15. Undo / Redo

16. Copy / Paste Control

17. Panel Properties

18. Control List



30. Writing Values

31. Clear Trend Channels



1.  What is Suppanel ?

Suppanel is an android application to create supervisory panels type SCADA/HMI in the same device without the need of an external editor. Panels are created by placing controls on the screen, adjusting their position and dimensions and changing their properties.


2. Menus and Panel list

Two side menus exist, the menu on the left is the main menu and can be displayed by clicking the icon in the upper left corner.

The menu on the right is the menu for design operations and is only accessible when the panel is in Design mode. It is displayed by clicking the icon on the upper right corner.

To open a panel click in the center of upper toolbar, a list of available panels will be deployed.


3. User and Expert Modes

There are two levels of operation, User Mode & Expert Mode. In order to modify, create or delete the panels it is necessary to change to Expert Mode. It is possible to protect the Expert mode with a password.  


4.  Create, Rename, Copy Panel

To create a new empty panel use New Panel on the main menu option, to change the name of current opened panel name use Rename Panel, to make a copy of the current panel with another name use Save Panel as


5.  Share Panel & Backup

Use Share Panel on main menu to share the curent panel with others Suppanel users. The panel should work in the other device as long as the connected equipment is accessible through the same IP / hostname and the panel does not use images from an external gallery, in the latter case the images should be shared separately and the properties adjusted to the new image locations.

It is highly recommended to use Share Panel for panel backup purposes, for example putting them in the Cloud Storage or attached in a email. If you have to uninstall and later reinstall the application you will need probably to restore the panels with the stored copies.


6.  Settings

Menu Settings option allows to change:

Expert Mode Password, to set a password for enter Expert Mode, it is optional. Take in account that the only way to reset a forgotten password is to reinstall the application.

Sound Options, to select the sound tone and optional vibration for alarm notification.

OPC UA Certificates, to change the Common Name of the certificates used for OPC secure connection.

Other Options


7.  Design/Run Mode

Select Design Mode  to modify the current Panel. Select Run Pane to return to normal execution mode


8.  Big Screen

Use Big Screen menu option to hide the upper toolbar and make the panel occupy almost the entire screen, the left menu can be displayed also in Run Mode by sliding the finger starting from the left edge of the screen. To shown again the upper toolbar press the back button.


10. Add New Control

Select New Control on right Menu to show a dialog to add new controls to the Panel. There are these categories of controls :

10.1 Static

These are controls that are not connected to any variable, its function is only informative or decorative


10.2 Linked to Variable

They are controls that show the value of a linked variable (tag) in digits or text representation or with a gauge or with a level indicator, it can optionally overwrite the value.


10.3 Buttons

With these controls it is possible to make the associated variable toggle between two values, or increase / decrease or write a preset value.


10.4 States with Alarm

These controls associate prefixed texts or images with a compare condition against the value of the linked variable, allowing for example the construction of switches or selections in which the user can see or choose up to 10 different states.

Some of the states can be declared as alarm conditions. If the alarm is fired it will be displayed in the notification bar of the Android device, optionally with a sound and vibration. It will be also stored in an Alarm Log.


10.5 Trend

The Trend control can show graphically the evolution of up to 5 variables during the last up to 120 minutes


10.6 Connection

They are the way that the other controls in the panel use for communicate with the remote equipment. It is possible to have more than one connection in the same panel.


11. Control Selection

There are two ways to select a control, by clicking it or selecting on the Control List in the right Menu. Static Back Image control can only be selected on the Control List.

To deselect a control click outside of any control or use Deselect menu option.

A Control is put in front of the other controls when it is selected and returns to its position when it is deselected.

The order of controls can be changed with Put in Front & Send to Back menu options.

A control covered by another can be selected by keeping the click a few seconds on the control that covers it.


12. Control Move and Sizing

Controls can me moved by selecting and dragging it.

To change size drag one of the 8 squared handlers around its perimeter.

A control can be forced to be squared selecting Square option in Size & Position properties category.

To  avoid a control to be moved or resized set Immobilize option on the right menu.

Control Position and Size are ajusted to a 4x4 units invisible grid, that helps to align and fit the controls more easily. To move or size the control with a smaller step change manually the dimensions in Size & Position properties category and immediately Immobilize the control.


13. Control Properties

To access the properties of the selected control double click on the control or choose Control Properties on the right menu.

Control properties are organized in categories that can be collapsed or expanded individually, changes made in some category can be reverted with a Undo button. Changes can be also reverted after closing the properties screen with the Undo menu option.


14. Background execution

Image States, Text States and Trend controls have a Background Execution option in their properties.

For the States controls if this option is selected then the control will fire Alarm notifications even if Suppanel is not the active application and also if the device has the screen off. This will work only if some state is set as an Alarm, otherwise the option will do nothing.

For the Trend control the Background Execution option makes the control continue recordering the variables evolution even if Suppanel is not the foreground application or the device screen is off.

An icon will be shown on the Notification bar if the opened panel goes to the background and some control has Background Execution option active.

The use of this option will increase the battery consumption and the data transfer volume.


15. Undo / Redo

With those menu options up to 30 operations can be undone and redone, the history of operations is not lost when switching from design mode to run mode and vice versa.


16. Copy / Paste Control

The selected control can be copied or cutted and then pasted into the same panel or in another panel.


17. Panel Properties

This menu option allows you to select the following:

The panel Backcolor.

The panel Update Period, this is the time between different updates of the displayed data. This does not affect the Trend control that has its own period.

Selecting the Keep Screen On option the screen will not go off while this panel is opened in run mode.


18. Control List

It shows the list of the panel controls.


30. Writing Values

On the controls on which the writing has been enabled in its properties and also for the Buttons controls the user can write a new value by double clicking or with long click as selected in Settings in the main menu


31. Clear Trend Channels

On the Trend control the graph of the channels can be erased by double clicking or with a long click as selected in Settings in the main menu.