phonehand3Suppanel is an Android app to create SCADA/HMI type supervisory panels. 

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  • Control and modify values on the industrial plant or your home automation
  • Share the panels with other Suppanel users via email or messaging
  • Incorporates working demostration panels

 *New* Version 1.19 released



Available communication protocols:

  • OPC Unified Automation supporting all Sign & Encrypt security modes.
  • Siemens Step 7
  • Modbus TCP 
  • Ethernet/IP with Control/CompactLogic,  Micro800MicroLogix, SLC 500 and other compatible controllers

controlsRich set of highly configurable controls :

  • Numeric
  • Gauges
  • Switches / Arrow / Animated GIF / Pipe etc.
  • Trend Control
  • Alarm Control



  • Powerful built-in designer
  • Don't need an external editor
  • Immediate change from design to execution and vice versa for a quick debugging
  • Wide zoom capability in both design and run modes